Cubans Cannot Elect Their Own Government And President.

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Establishing Fast Systems For Foot Conditions

And for those who ask why Cubans should still have that policy in place while other Latin American people don’t have it, this is the reason: Cuba is the only country in Latin America that doesn’t have real elections as you have in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, etc. Cubans cannot elect their own government and president. We are still under the Castro’s family rein, for five decades! Mexicans have freedom of expression. I didn’t have those freedoms; that is why I came (to Houston) two years ago.” WALT MONTOYA, a restaurant employee: “Eliminating this aspect of the Cuban Adjustment Act will leave a bitter taste for Cubans both here in the U.S. and the island. I think that even with this news, Cubans are going to keep trying to get here. I believe that one way or another, Cubans will look for ways to get around and circumvent the end of the ‘dry foot, wet foot.’ Necessity is the mother of inventiveness, as we like to say.” RICARDO ‘THE MUSICIAN’ (he asked to keep his last name private for personal reasons regarding his travels to Cuba): “The elimination of this policy is an injustice after so much sacrifice that Cubans do crossing the sea, risking their lives. And all that just to be sent back when they get here? Its not fair.

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