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Bad cops rarely fired for bad behavior Last November, 43-year-old Angelique Kidd was approached by police officer Eddie Boyd after a hit-and-run outside her home in Ferguson, Missouri. He said, Well you have to get out of here, you have to go, or something like that, and I said, What was your name? And thats when he arrested me, Kidd said. And why did you want to know his name? Morgan asked. I felt thatI needed that informationbecause he just — hewasnt doing what he was supposed to be doing, Kidd said. more informationKidd was arrested for disobeying the officers orders. That charge is still pending. In December, Kidd,who is being represented by ArchCity Defenders ,filed a lawsuit claiming the arrest violated her civil rights,causing her fear, anxiety, depression and emotional distress. Kidds suit is the latest in a string of complaints againstofficer Boyd, beginning when he was employed by the St. Louis Police Department. In 2004 and 2005, Boyd was accused of physical abuse in two separate incidents neither of the complaints was sustained. Then in 2006, Boyd was accused of pistol-whipping a 12-year-old girl and falsifying a police report. The complaint was upheld and Boyd was demoted.

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The fossils are likely one to three different species, says Hannibal, who is helping with the analysis. They will likely fit into the group known as the archipolypods, which means ancient many feet. Members of this group have been found in Illinois, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, and beyond. important linkAlthough many of the legs of the animals are quite well preserved, their tops are not in good shape. ( See how a millipede toddler learned to walk .) So we dont know what their tops were like, says Hannibal. They might have had spines, like some of their relatives, which look like big bottle brushes. Or they might have had no spines. So far we dont have any evidence. The next question will also be exactly how the new fossils may be related to other millipedes, says Hannibal. ( Learn about the world’s leggiest animal .) The fossils are an exciting find, says Alton C.

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